Added value benefits: skip the GP queue

With unprecedented waiting times and difficulty accessing services, many people would welcome an alternative way of speaking to a GP in the current environment. A significant number of insurers now include access to GP services within the policies they sell, so being aware of who offers what could help you skip the queue and speak … Read more

How to grow your buy-to-let portfolio

Investing in buy-to-let properties can be a rewarding venture, providing a consistent income stream and the potential for long-term capital appreciation. However, growing your buy-to-let portfolio requires careful planning, market awareness, and strategic decision-making. Here are seven essential tips to help you expand your buy-to-let portfolio successfully: Diversification: Consider diversifying your portfolio by investing in … Read more

Home improvements: Garage, loft and cellar conversions

Garage, loft, and cellar conversions are popular home improvement projects that can significantly enhance a property’s value. These transformations not only maximise the existing space but also satisfy the ever-growing demand for multi-purpose living areas. Increased Living Space One of the most apparent benefits of these conversions is the addition of valuable living space. With … Read more

Smoking: Why you need Critical Illness Cover

Throughout the years there have been multiple facts and figures published, highlighting the impact of smoking on your health. It’s no secret that your smoking status will significantly influence your chances of suffering from certain conditions, which is why critical illness cover (CIC) is so important. Is CIC worth it? Smoking can increase the risk … Read more

IVA: The serious impact on your credit file

While an IVA can provide much-needed debt relief and help avoid bankruptcy, it can have a significant impact on your credit file. It’s important to understand the impact it may have on you. What is an IVA? An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a legally binding agreement between an individual and their creditors. It is a … Read more

Support during the menopause

The menopause is a significant transition in a woman’s life, with many women feeling stranded when it comes to support. However, there are several value-added benefits potentially included within your insurance products that can greatly support you during this phase. The impact of the menopause From a career perspective, the menopause hits women at the … Read more

How can I go green for less?

Everyone is doing their bit to tackle climate change, but these changes can come at a cost. So how can you make an impact without breaking the bank? How can I make my home greener overnight? Going green with your electricity supply is the quickest and cheapest way to reduce your environmental impact immediately, and … Read more

Gardening: Does it influence property value?

When it comes to maximising the value of your property, gardening may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, a beautiful garden can have a real impact on the overall worth of your property. Creating a good first impression A carefully designed and maintained landscape can instantly grab attention, making your property … Read more