Multiple Income?

If you obtain your income from sources other than just employed PAYE systems you may find that this can cause an issue with some lenders. However, with our wide range of mortgage products we are confident that we will be able to source a suitable mortgage for you.

Examples of complex income include:

  • Self Employed
  • Employed Company Director
  • Agency workers
  • IT contractors
  • CIS Workers
  • Landlords
  • Foster Income
Saving Money


A contractor although employed is usually classified as self-employed due to the nature of how they ‘invoice’ clients. This means that a Lender may want to know everything about their income. For certain types of contract worker they MAY still accept payslips, or they may want a copy of a contract or letters from accountants. These are not straight forward cases to place with a lender. However, with our knowledge and experience in this field we are well equipped to recommend the right choice for you.

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