Conveyancer cost

A conveyancer is a solicitor who deals with property law. We usually tell people to budget approx. 1% of the price of the property that you are buying but is rarely less that £1500. The actual fee you will pay will change depending on your individual circumstances and purchase type. A conveyance is the legal work to complete a purchase of your new home.

Lenders Arrangement Fee

Some lenders charge a fee for you to use their mortgage product. Sometimes, this can be added to the mortgage. (If you do that you would need to consider that you will be paying the extra fee off over the period of the loan and actually adding interest to it too!) – usually this is around £999.

Valuation Fee

To get a mortgage on a property you would need to have the property valued by the bank. This is called a mortgage valuation. You may wish to consider a separate independent valuation for your own purposes and we can talk these through with you. A bank can charge you for the valuation to take place, and this is approximately £300 – £500. Some lenders may offer you an incentive where they will pay for the valuation for you (dependent on product – we will talk you through these).

Guild Arrangement Fee

Depending on the complexity of your mortgage a fee for our services will range between £199 and £999. However, we will gladly discuss these with you when we go through your options.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is a cost that most people will have to pay when they purchase a property. However for some guidance on this, check out our handy Stamp Duty Calculator. .


When you purchase a property you will usually need to have some form of deposit to put down on the house. Your own personal circumstances will dictate what level of deposit is required. Typically, this can be anything from 5% upwards. 

This is not an exhaustive list and your individual circumstances may alter these figures. For a more definitive figure, call us today and we will run through these with you.