complete flexibility

Our Guild Mortgage Services Portal give you access to your mortgage application 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Which means that you are ALWAYS in control.

You can now complete your mortgage application with us entirely at your own leisure:




Safe and Secure

Data security is something that we take very, very seriously. So, now with your own password protected personalised account you can not only fill in your details online, you can upload documentation straight into our system.

This means that you do not need to email anything to us directly.

how it works

1) CONTACT US to set up a personalised account

We will register your details with our secure online portal and then email you a link to your account.

Here you will need to set up your unique password.

2) complete the ‘fact find’ section

You will have a couple of different sections, youwill need to comlete the Fact Find button.

3) upload your documents direct to us

Not all applications are the same, so we will let you know exactly what we need.

But typically we require:

– 3 months payslips

– 3 months bank statements

– ID

– Address ID

-Proof of Deposit

4) leave it to us

From this point onwards we will take over and see what options are availble to you.

5) mortgage application

When we have found a recommendation we will talk you through these fully.

At that point all of your mortgage and protection documentation will have been uploaded into your portal for you to access when ever you like.

That’s about it!!!

We have teamed up with Mortgage Brain who are one of the largest Mortgage Sourcing systems in the UK to provide this service.

Our Privacy Notice covers our Data Protection obligations and compliance with GDPR Regulations.

We have brought this system into place to not only offer a flexible approach to Mortgage Brokering, but also a much more secure way of processing an application for a client.